Commencement Per Diem Request Form

WesternU Credit card holders are not eligible for travel advance. They are to use their WesternU credit card for meals, follow the same guidelines, and stay within the per diem allowance for Commencement.

Option #1 – Receive Prior to Travel

You may request a cash advance before travel.

  1. Submit the form below between Now – April 19, 2024.
    1. Budget Coordinators, please submit the Concur request by April 26, 2024.
    2. Supervisors, please approve the request in Concur by the end of the day on April 30, 2024, this is to ensure traveler receives their Cash Advance before Commencement.
  2. After Commencement, complete the form below (without receipts) a second time to close out your travel advance report.
    1. Budget coordinators receive a notification upon submission of your second form and they will close your report in Concur.
Eligible Amounts:
Without Receipts (Standard Reimbursement)

  • Lunch (Friday Only) = $13.00
  • Dinner = $24.00


*Should you request the cash advance, you may not submit receipts post-travel to increase your limit amounts to the “with receipts” per diem. You can only receive the standard per diem for cash advance. 

Option #2 – Receive After Travel

You may request a reimbursement after travel.

  • Submit the form below within 10 days of your trip
  • Mileage if applicable (no receipt required, indicate option on form)
  • Save original/itemized receipts from your trip (if applicable, see below)
    • If itemized receipt is missing, you will be reimbursed the standard per diem amount without receipt/s for that day.
    • Scan all of your receipts into a single pdf.
    • Save as: FirstInitial-LastName-Commencement2024 (e.g. S-Smith-Commencement2024)
Eligible Amounts:
Without Receipts (Standard Reimbursement)

  • Lunch (Friday Only) = $13.00
  • Dinner = $24.00
With Itemized Receipts

  • Lunch (Friday Only) = up to $18.00
  • Dinner = up to $36.00