Commencement Per Diem Request Form

Option #1 – Receive Prior to Travel

You may request a cash advance before travel. Note-Employees with a WesternU credit card are not eligible for the travel advance they should use their credit card on approved per diem amount for Commencement.

  1. Submit the form below between Now – May 6, 2022. Coordinators, please submit Concur request by midday May 09, 2022, and supervisors please approve by end of day May 10, 2022, to receive a travel advance payment by May 13, 2022.
  2. After Commencement, complete the form below (with or without receipts) a second time to close out your travel report.
Eligible Amounts*
  • Lunch (Friday Only) = $13.00
  • Dinner = $24.00

*Should you exceed the eligible amounts, you may submit your receipts to increase your limit to $18.00 & $36.00 (must save receipts for ALL eligible meals).

Option #2 – Receive After Travel

You may request a reimbursement after travel.

1. Submit the form below within 10 days of your trip.
2. Save original/itemized receipts from your trip.
3. If itemized receipt is missing you will be reimbursed the standard per diem amount without receipt/s for that day.
4. Mileage if applicable ( no receipt required use mileage calculator)
5. Scan all of your receipts into a single pdf.
6. Save as: FirstInitial-LastName-Commencement2022 (e.g. S-Smith-Commencement2022)

Eligible Amounts:
Without Receipts

  • Lunch (Friday Only) = $13.00
  • Dinner = $24.00
With Receipts

  • Lunch (Friday Only) = up to $18.00
  • Dinner = up to $36.00