Keynote Speaker
Image of a man wearing wire rimmed glasses, a suit and tie with a marbled grey background.
Tony L. Chan, PharmD

Tony L. Chan, PharmD, was born in 1951 in Burma (now Myanmar) to a life of abject poverty and adversity. His father died of influenza due to a lack of available medical care, leaving his mother with seven children to raise on her own on the wages of a seamstress. This tragedy influenced Dr. Chan’s decision to enter the health care profession and created his commitment to make sure other families would not endure a similar tragedy. Dr. Chan’s family immigrated to the United States, where they began their quest for the American dream.

Through hard work, sacrifice, and an indefatigable work ethic, Dr. Chan earned his PharmD from the University of the Pacific in 1977.  It was there that he met his wife, Dr. Virginia Chang Chan, standing in line for graduation. Together, Tony and Virginia have built a successful business as community pharmacists, owning 14 pharmacies in L.A., the Inland Empire, and Orange County. They have lived lives of service in gratitude for the opportunities that higher education afforded them.

Dr. Chan has served on the WesternU Board of Trustees since 2011, spanning the presidencies of Dr. Pumerantz, Dr. Wilson, and Dr. Farias-Eisner.  He has given his treasure, talent, and time to WesternU. He has also served as a Regent to his alma mater, the University of Pacific, for over 11 years. Dr. Chan received the highest honors from his alma mater, both the Medallion of Excellence and the Order of the Pacific. His philanthropy spans decades and has touched the lives of many students at many institutions.

When Dr. Chan graduated from the University of Pacific, his mother emphasized the importance of giving back to others, to pay forward the benefit of a college education. Dr. Chan has done just that at WesternU and other institutions of higher learning. A plaque dedicated to Dr. Chan’s mother, Sofia Chan, is proudly displayed in WesternU’s Health Professions Center.